Recent swap review

Last year was first year when I took a part of different swaps. I have blogged about that a lot of times, but now, when I am sick sitting at home and drinking a lot of teas, I realized, I haven't blogged about two last ones.
December was busy month but still I signed up for a Silk Artist swap - team of Etsy's silk artists curated swap for handpainted goodies. Here are some shots what I sent out to my partner Rosemary to France:

Swap package includes handpainted necktie (probably - for Rosemary's husband)
and a letter. And a lot of best wishes as it was sent in Christmas time.

Another swap where I took a part was Creative swap hosted by Ishtar from  This swap has rules for swap package - something sweet (tee, candy, chocolate, etc), something handmade, letter and wish for 2014! My package to my partner included hard boiled candies (handmade), chocolate covered cranberries (handmade) and pom-pom headband and letter, off course.
 I had to try on pom-pom headband I made and I really liked it! I need to wait for summer to wear one of these, but my partner Anna from Barcelona wrote at Christmas time that they have such a warm weather, so she probably can enjoy this warm winter with some colorful headband!
 I will post a pictures of both received goodies from swaps as soon as package from Spain will arrive (deadline for swap is 2nd of February), but for extra - I want to show you some special gift  made in beginning of January.
If you remember, I hosted my first giveaway before Christmas one of lucky winners were Molly. I decided to create something special for her, so I decided to finally make a silk scarf. I haven't painted any scarf for years,last one was a gift to my mum like 5 years ago. So I got idea to paint a stylized tree in black and white.

Work in progress
Final look

Package to Molly with some colorful confetti
As it is really hard to get some natural light when dark comes at 4pm already, I really hope that Molly will be able to take some shots with her new silk scarf!

But till that - take care of yourself and drink a lot of teas! See you soon! :)

Photo a day in January-4

Dear friends, This week I will offer you some really strange photos, in case you have weak nerves, please, be careful. For all others - Let's go!

January 20th - Music
Friend of mine from Tallinn, Estonia sent me a package with a CD of Estonian music. I was listening to it so many times like I hadn't hear a music for a long time..

January 21st - Warm
It was so cold outside that I had to pack myself like a little doll. At least it was warm after this dressing! :)

January 22nd - Decorating
My boyfriend told me that he would like to curve some stamps. On one evening I made a lot of drawings and he curved them out. Now I have a lot of new hand curved stamps and I can start to decorate different things. Like letters (I will write soon about my new "hobby", stay tuned!)

 January 23rd - Cooking
What could be better than cooking at home? Mmm....

 January 24th - Family
This is part of my family. I love my brother so much! And since we have "little brother" - our dog, my family is bigger now!

 January 25th - Old
This is photo of the greatest mailbox I have seen lately! I was walking around when suddenly I saw it - old building with new mailbox which was personalized in such a colorful way! Great job, don't you think so?

January 26th - Bow [bow-tie]
I little bit manipulated with title of this photo, but the idea is the same. Here are some of my bowties, which I will list soon (I hope it really happens soon...)

 Last week was interesting and full of different bigger and smaller things. That's why I didn't had time to prepare high quality photos like I usually do. Sorry for that! This week gonna be busy as well - today I have to shoot a big concert in National Opera house (I am very nervous about that) and at the end of week I have ball I have to attend, so I won't be bored at all. Oh, yes. To make it all more fun for me - I am ill. How cool is that?
Ok, take care and see you soon!

Photo a day in January-3

So it's here. Already 3rd week in this year and as [always] my week's photo review is ready for you! I won't talk too much, but I really would like if you take a look at my photos and any comment is welcome! :) Enjoy your winter/summer wherever you are now!
January 13th - Paper 
My morning breakfast - newspaper with tea and something to eat. Takes me almost an hour each morning but totally worth it!

January 14th - Toy
This is Mr.π [Pi]. He is my first gift from my boyfriend on our first Christmas. Since that he has been with me in each trip I have had. Mr.Pi's travel experience is quite big - Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia.

January 15th - Sweet
One of my favorite sweets I call Poo. Actually, it's really tasty - meringue cookies with chocolate crisps and almond in the middle.

January 16th - Hug
That's me and my boyfriend.

January 17th - Texture
Till late night I was scanning my postcard collection and decided to scan texture of my-my boyfriend's cardigan. He was surprised when realized that suddenly I have finished to scan postcards and I scan his cardigan :D

January 18th - Motley
We were cooking cupcakes. I don't care if that is old fashion, it still tastes good and my family tasted them!

January 19th - Shopping
So I was shopping. Guess what stole my attention?

Photo a day in January-2

 Another week has passed and now it's the right moment to take a look back what has happened within these days. In short - last week I had a lot of things to do and nothing to do. I have no idea what I did at evenings in workdays (except watching movies - Django and Star wars and so on). At least in the weekend I had a great time for the first time painting ceilings (3.5m high!)  at my friends from Etsy new shop and after that - meeting my good old friends and celebrating 1/4 of century age for one of them. Before this new week brings something new, let's see how the last one looked like in photos!

January 6th - Light
Monday, 6th of January, still no news from Snow.City is dark and Christmas lights looks funny without snow.

January 7th - Big and small
My arm used to be much more bigger than my little brother's arm. Now lately he has grown up (and that happens so fast!) and soon I will be little sister and he gonna be my big brother :) 

January 8th - Natural
Unfortunately somehow I have managed to miss Natural photo this week. I promise to be more accurate in the future...

January 9th - Dot
Dot. One more. And more. A lot of dots. Funny light dots on my way.

January 10th - Reflection
I love those little light reflections in windows at night. And look - there are red dots from neighbor skyscraper! 

January 11th - Shiny
Saturday night at my friends place to celebrate her 25th birthday. I love this picture, my friend is so shiny, smiley and good looking!

January 12th - Green
My dear friend, who is ready to take a long long walks even if it is freezing cold. And his green parka,  which reminds me of the start of our friendship :) 

My dear friends, enjoy your week and see you next Monday (I hope I will be able to tell you something interesting this week, but let's see)!

Photo a day in January-1

I am sorry. Last month I was busy and lazy. So I missed the whole Photo a day. For the whole month. Uh, that probably means I will never be a good blogger. For mistakes like this a real blogger loses a lot of followers, someone probably says.
But as this is my blog about what I think and I feel, I decided to keep challenging myself skipping one month. My December Photo A Day topics will be active for the whole January so stay tuned!

January 1st - Upside Down
First day of the year is not the best day for running marathon, so all my sporty activities were playing with light and shades wearing my sporty-cozy socks

January 2nd - White
Unbelievable but we still don't have snow. I am still confused about this. The only thing what can warm me up at this time is tea (from white cups or at least saucer...)

January 3rd - Star
Here in Latvia we have changed our official currency since the 1st of January 2014 from Lats to Euros. Our Euro coins are really beautiful and on them is picture of Milda - a beautiful Latvian girl which was featured on our first national coins almost 100 years ago. Milda shines on new euros like a star!

January 4th - Detail
Still one of my favorite models lately is this little beagle puppy called Joko[Yoko] (I think we should it Crocodile because of his hobby to bite). Yoko has so many details I love to take photos of. Can't wait for springtime with better lightning.

January 5th - Sharp
My family loves to take a rides to huge forest not far away. It is old military territory where are all kinds of nature - there are fields like in a desert, there are beautiful coniferous forests and real swamps as well. And between that all -  a lot of animals and birds (this time we saw 3 elks, hoopoe and place where just before we came wild boar were). While my brother took Yoko to a walk, I enjoyed untypical winter and made some nature photos. Here you can see a sharp branch :) 

Have a great week and take a lot of photos - of what you do, where you are or what you see. These are snapshots of your life!
See you soon with another stack of photos!

Use hashtag #akwiinas to tag your photos within this challenge or just link in comment section your Instagram profile or photo post, I can t wait to see!

Happy New Year

This was such a great and colorful year! Thanks for being here with me for a shorter or longer time!
When 2013 started, I made a list of things, I want to do this year. I think now it is the right time to look back and see what has happened and what was not finished this year.

  • Recipe book made from old papers
  • Ball made of yarn 1
  • Handmade paper
  • Handmade bath set of scrub and ball
  • Handmade soap
  • Temporary tattoo
  • Garland of fabric 1 / 2
  • Clay brooch
  • Candle holder of wood slices
  • Glass magnets with photos
  • Handpicked tea is sewn tea bags 1
  • Photo shootings 1
  • Handmade 2014 planner
  • Painted coasters
  • Gift tags with watercolor paintings
  • Mobile of butterflies or clouds
  • Stuffed animal pillow/toy 1    does it counts?
  • Leg warmers made out of sweater
  • Candle in a tea cup
  • Painted rocks
  • Head band with flowers or stars or glitters
  • Tiny clay houses
  • Wood sticks painted with neon colors
  • Mason jar vase
  • Stamps
  • Decoupaged suitcase 1 not finished yet
  • Little black clutch bag 1 / 2 
  • Embroidery 1
  • Tea cups decorated with quotes
  • Organize Pinterest / music playlist / hard drives
My resolution for the next year is to complete all those things I didn't this year.
What are your resolutions for 2014?