I have found something!

Probably I am not the only one who more and more time spends in Pinterest. Yes, it is pretty addictive. In the same time I usually admire a lot of Etsy seller's work and time after time I used to pin their works to Pinterest. Lately I made system (because 45% of Pinterest pins are about getting organized :)) so each favorited item in Etsy is pinned to my Etsy finds board right here: I just discovered that there are already more than 350 pins.
Do you organize your Etsy finds in Pinterest? I would love to see other boards like this :)

Pouch swap

 I have signed to some very interesting project for first time - Sweet pouch swap! I heard about this kind of swaps for first time but I had no doubt that I'm in! A few days ago I received email from swap's host with my partners details so I spent wonderful weekend sewing and preparing sweets. Actually, this weekend was pretty full because on Friday I started to sew pouch, then I went to meet my friends and after a great bowling and billiard games I came back to home to sew pouch till 3:30 AM. How crazy it sounds? :)
Next morning I woke up early and saw flowers I haven't seen since I was a little kid - ice flowers!
Here are some sneaky peaky photos are here:

My 2013

Every year I made photo collage from old newsletters and journals. In this collage I put those pictures which remind me what I am waiting from new year. Till this mostly all my  collages has been connected with situations in my life.
This year I tried something new. For a while I have wanted to try out watercolors. I used to paint with them in school but not since that. So I made list with things I want to learn in 2013. As Pinterest addicted, I used pins from my boards. There I have pinned those ideas which I would like to try. Till this I haven't got time enought to try all of that, but I hope that one year should be enough :)

Here you go my favorite ideas:

from BethBee

from Jessica's blog

  • Bath set - handmade set for gifts and myself. I wish I could ever make something so great as this

  • Handmade soaps - something similar like this . Here is tutorial for making soaps at home.
  • from Tattly
  • Temporary tattoo - some little tattoos for my little brother who now is addicted to that. Here is tutorial.

from folksy
  • Garland from fabric - so much way how to make one of those. Maybe with flowers, maybe with bows, there are plenty ideas for this! 

from Meia Lua
from GloryGlassMagnets
  • Candle holder - from wood like this or this;
  • Glass magnets - they are everywhere, but as I still haven't found good glass marbles, so this is task for 2013! 

  • Tea bags - for my hand picked tea this summer I need hand sewn tea bags! Found here nice tutorial for Valentine's day tea bags!
  • Photo shooting - I have photographer education, but for a while I haven't got free time for photo shootings, so 2013 should be that year when I am making shootings again! :)