Gift wrapping

This year I was seeking for some fresh ideas for gift wrapping already in November. This week I have finished the biggest part of my gifts, so it's last moment to start to wrap them. I have found some pretty nice ideas and pinned those here: Ideas. I still wonder what kind of style use this year.
Two years ago I used newspapers, colored them in gold color and added a lot of interesting details - for my grandparents I used black lace and red ribbon with some pinecones, for parents- pine branch with gold gloss.
Last year I used paper / boxes + red ribbon + parched orange slices mainly. I took some photos for inspiring next years. Maybe even you can get some inspiration from my last year photos:
Bookmark made by me (similar to these) packed as a candy wrapper

Bookmark packed in craftpaper, with added flower which is brooch (like these) made by me

Gift box for grandparents with handmade soaps (like here) made by me 

Wrapping with red lace, name tag, gold branch and added phone charm made by me (like these

Craft paper colored with gold, red and blue dots, added gold ribbon with name tag

White box, red ribbon and parched orange slice

Gift wrapped in colorful paper with red ribbon and added chocolate cone 

Wrapping for kid - with candy 

Craft paper with beige lace, red ribbon and piece of cinnamon

Little white box and red ribbon plus parched orange slice