Photo a day - week 4

Weeks passes so fast, one more is gone. Tommorow is my last vacation day so this time my photo a day review is vacation review in the same time.

18/31 - Stripes (Latvia's Birthday and a lot of Latvia's flags)

19/31 - Free (In my mind free is only a bird. Even when it looks impossible, bird can get away and fly... Lika a bird in the sky. This is view of my rooms window, in summer time each morning bird songs are my alarm.)

20/31 - In the row (Lately my favorite game is a board game Catan, I love to play it online or with my friends. In the row this time is village of my friend)

21/31 - Orange (When it is only a month to go to Christmas, on the world is only one orange thing. Guess, which is it?)

22/31 - Thread (Sneaky photo of decor, I prepared to my secret swap partner from my Secret Santa [decor] swap. More photos will come when package will be delivered)

23/31 - Work In Progress (This is my working corner at my boyfriends place, where I edit my photos, paint on silk or sew or do other crafts. On the wall is different photos and postcards and that together with those super wonderful lights makes me feel good always!)

24/31 - Mini (Sorry for bad quality, but I want to show you my happiness - while driving to visit my grandmam, weather got worse and worste until it started to snow! Ok, it was not a real, white snow as it is in middle of winter, it was very wet snow, almost rain, but I saw - it was a mini snow! So now I have winter and already a little bit of Christmas feeling :)  )

Thanks for stopping by in my blog!
Hope to see you here next week when I will show you my last pictures of November Photo a Day!

Guest post by Beth

As I wrote earlier, I took a part of Guest post swap by Chaotic Goddess Swaps. My partner is wonderful Beth from and she has wrote really interesting post specially for you! Here it is:

Hello, readers of Akwiinas!

I asked Zane to tell me about Latvia on her post (on my blog here), as I have never been there. So I thought I'd tell you a little bit about my city, Seattle, in Washington State.

Photo credit: Wikipedia
People in this area tend to be open-minded, value creativity, be more invested in local businesses and sustainable living, and enjoy creating a bit of country life in the city. One of the popular things to do here in the city of Seattle is raise chickens, or ducks, in your backyard!

Photo credit: KCLS

Another thing Seattle is known for is the rain- across the country, people assume it rains all the time in Seattle because that's what they see in movies and on TV. We actually have gorgeous summers. The only time it's very rainy is in November (this month).

Photo credit: Shannon Kringen

Seattle is a port city, and because of that we have a lot of people from all over the world, so we have cultural centers, businesses, and restaurants for Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, African, South American, and even Latvian!

Photo credit: Beth Wade
Seattle is also home to a lot of technology companies, like Microsoft,, Google, Boeing and many gaming companies. There are a lot of IT people here! Almost everyone in Seattle is a geek, and we even have bars for playing video games (as well as drinking), and conventions for comic book illustrators, gamers, Steampunk fans, avid readers (we have a lot of writers here), and more.

Photo credit: GeekWire
Lastly, Seattle is known for being a beating heart of music and art. Many famous rock musicians are from this city, and we have a museum dedicated to the history of popular music here. We have several art museums, and statues randomly placed around the city. Also, every summer there are concerts, performances, and artists in every area-- everything from street musicians to mimes to 100-person performances.

Photo credit: Lucia Neare's Theatrical Wonders

I do hope that if you ever visit the US, you come to the Pacific Northwest and to Seattle, Washington. I'd love to show you around!

Thanks to Beth for writing this post! I am sure you all enjoyed reading this as much as I did!
See you soon! :)

Photo a day - week 3

So finally I have my Monday! Yesterday was Latvia's birthday and the whole last week I celebrated it together with my country. You will see some important events [from my opinion] within the last days. This time each photo with a longer description :)

11/31 - Together (In Latvia on 11th of November we celebrate day of Lacplesis. It is a tradition to go to old part of our capital city and in the bailey (or as close as possible)  put a candle. Each year thousands of locals go there and are together. As you can see - it is a nice tradition to show our kids. In real life it is an impressive view...)

12/31 - Close up (On Tuesday I was volunteering for a very interesting musical project - I was taking a photos of concert of kokle [Latvian traditional music instrument], a percussion and a contrabass. The Concert was really great and I enjoyed working in a radio studio (this concert was broadcast to radio in live))

13/31 - Kids (I took my little brother to Latvia's most famous ice hokey team's game. He had no idea where we were going until we got next to the arena.)

14/31 - Happy (the next day after ice hockey, we decided to unexpectedly visit my boyfriends little sister and take her out for lunch. This little girl was so happy that we visited her! It was so cute to watch how she was looking at her big brother :)  )

15/31 - Sparkle (Ok, I need to confess. Actually, on Friday I didn't take any photo because early in the morning I had surgery (nothing big, only 2 small sutures) in my arm and the rest of the day I just wanted to sleep. But I am so proud of this photo I took on Monday, I wanted to show you it. Can we count it as photo Nr.15? )

16/31 - Fluffy (maybe not too fluffy-fluffy, but still. Found these two while walking around downtown, could't resist to take a photo of them!)

17/31 - Sharp (This tower is Latvia's TV tower. Yes, it reminds of Eiffel tower. But not only. It is even bigger than Paris symbol. Last weekend each evening we had the light festival in Riga and I went to see this tower as it is placed on separated island in the city center and till this I haven't managed to come here to go to the view platform and see a wonderful view over the city.)

Christmas ornament guide

Every day I receive at least a few emails about Christmas decorations or gift guides. This evening is my turn to show you some of my finds which made me think - "That's it, I NEED it!"  :) If you are not so good or crafty, like me, out there are people who will be glad to make these beauties for you. Just hurry up, Christmas are so close already!

Scroll down to see links for each of these ornaments and shops where you can find more treasures!

Felt angel with a heart by dagmarsdesigns
Origami crane by 3DCranes
Sea glass angel by Thecaptainswife
Crochet ball by NatkaLV
Shabby chic sheep by SwinkyDoo
Custom handpainted ornament by rachelschutt
Origami Christmas tree by paperinthepocket
Bell shaped ceramic by BlueMagpieDesign
Tiny mittens by NonnaDea
Acrylic birds by PrnceDesignUK
Crystal snowflake by MsBsDesigns
Handpainted pine cone by GlassSlippers
Hand embroidered pine tree by EarthyMamaGoods
Felt Cardinal bird by 162PENS
Miniature hats by lauraprilltoo
Fused glass tree by wishartglass

Photo a day- week 2

Oh my, a week has passed away again... Time flies so fast, I can't get done everything I would like to. On Friday I walked out of my job at 4:30 and it was already getting dark! That is the reason why on this challenge I have pictures of night in the city or home made pictures with those warm colors. Anyway, drink a lot of tea, and remember - Christmas are so close already!  :)

4/31 - Friend (my best friend, my lovely friend)

 5/31 - Tea time (last week two days I spent in bed because of cold, and whole this week is one long tea time)

6/31 - Prepare (What could be better than homemade pica with everything you can imagine!)

 7/31 - Mixed (people and cars.)

8/31 - Right now (One short moment from my daily work)

9/31 - Sweet (I went to local fair with my mum and brought these super tasty and sweet apple crisps. One hour later they were gone.)

10/31 - 4 O'clock (Sunday. 4 pm and it's getting dark already)

Take care, see you next week! :)

Guest post swap is coming!

When Christmas is approaching, bloggers get more and more active. This time I want to show you swap which will start a new tradition (hopefully...) in my blog. I want to include in my blog posts wrote by other bloggers. The very first guest-post will be by my partner from Guest Post Swap by Chaotic Goddess Swaps (deadline for applying is 6th of November so you still a little bit of time to apply). As I will get my partners contacts only after 2 days, you won't know who is he till the post publishing. I can't wait to see who is my partner so that I could start to prepare a post for his/her blog and after that - post partner's post in my blog! Till that - enjoy end of fall and start to prepare for Christmas!

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Photo a day

My Facebook followers probably know I am trying out a Photo a day challenge hosted by ActuallyAmy from And Sew We Craft . First week of November has passed, and here you go my first pictures!

1/31 - Sun (Sun is seen only in that part of day when I am deep in my daily job. So here you go a blink from sun as I can see it from my office window)

2/31 Light (I am have always been in love with taking photos of cars in night. This is taken in my late drive for a lunch)

3/31 In my Kitchen (Cacao is one of my favorite drinks and this Sunday for the first time I tried to put a marshmallows in it. Where have this idea been for whole of my life??? )