Recent swap review

Last year was first year when I took a part of different swaps. I have blogged about that a lot of times, but now, when I am sick sitting at home and drinking a lot of teas, I realized, I haven't blogged about two last ones.
December was busy month but still I signed up for a Silk Artist swap - team of Etsy's silk artists curated swap for handpainted goodies. Here are some shots what I sent out to my partner Rosemary to France:

Swap package includes handpainted necktie (probably - for Rosemary's husband)
and a letter. And a lot of best wishes as it was sent in Christmas time.

Another swap where I took a part was Creative swap hosted by Ishtar from  This swap has rules for swap package - something sweet (tee, candy, chocolate, etc), something handmade, letter and wish for 2014! My package to my partner included hard boiled candies (handmade), chocolate covered cranberries (handmade) and pom-pom headband and letter, off course.
 I had to try on pom-pom headband I made and I really liked it! I need to wait for summer to wear one of these, but my partner Anna from Barcelona wrote at Christmas time that they have such a warm weather, so she probably can enjoy this warm winter with some colorful headband!
 I will post a pictures of both received goodies from swaps as soon as package from Spain will arrive (deadline for swap is 2nd of February), but for extra - I want to show you some special gift  made in beginning of January.
If you remember, I hosted my first giveaway before Christmas one of lucky winners were Molly. I decided to create something special for her, so I decided to finally make a silk scarf. I haven't painted any scarf for years,last one was a gift to my mum like 5 years ago. So I got idea to paint a stylized tree in black and white.

Work in progress
Final look

Package to Molly with some colorful confetti
As it is really hard to get some natural light when dark comes at 4pm already, I really hope that Molly will be able to take some shots with her new silk scarf!

But till that - take care of yourself and drink a lot of teas! See you soon! :)

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