We Heart Mail letter to Agus

I haven't shared any sent mails for We Heart Mail project for a while, so I decided to show you what I sent all way long to Argentina - to Agus. With a long delay, mail's theme was Sea, Summer. Luckily for me, right now summer begins in Argentina, so my letter was right in time!

I found a few vintage style postcards - black and white reprint of old photo and some colorful postcards of vintage style swimming suits wearing ladies. Letter with two foot paperclip (I find them really cute  :) ) and stickers.

Here  I packed handmade earrings for Agus' summer outfit

What is summer without flowers? Couldn't send fresh flowers, so I went for brooch with cabochon. 

As Sea is so close with blue color, I tried to pick up some little blue things. Here you can see some of them - blue thread on wood spool (love to use those vintage Soviet time thread spools for holding washi tapes), packed towel (that little square with manly man is packed towel - you need to put it into water and it repacks itself- funky thing what to take with you on beach trip!) and off course -   different blue candies (including German chocolate Schogetten, classic Latvian candy Serenade and really traditional - Goti┼ća (Cow - made of condensed milk)). 

So this bright blue-purple-yellow package was sent to Argentina. I really hope Agus liked it! I am sure she has received it, so if she will post some more photos in her blog, I will let you know!  

Thanks for stepping by! I have sent out recently a few mail packages, so soon, very soon, I will post about them as well!  Keep in touch!

Happy Postcrossing Birthday!

Today is kind of little birthday for me! Today I am member of Postcrossing for 4 years! I started to send out postcards just for fun as I enjoyed receiving them from my friend trips earlier. In these 4 years this has turned into a bigger hobby and helped me to set up some new goals.

I really really want to collect a postcard from every country. I have already quite nice collection, but if you are from country I am missing or you have a friend there, please, please, send me a postcard (a regular postcard with touristic view will work perfectly! )! Last weekend I re-made list of received postcards, now you can see it here: Postcard list Those countries I have a postcard from already, are bold and if you click on the name of country, you will see album of all postcards from this country I have received! Please, note that I have added to country list special territories as well, that comes from ISO 3166 standard.
I have received question about my address, so click here to see it!

To celebrate this little milestone, here are postcards I sent out today!