Pincushion swap. Part 1

Pincushion swap by akwiinasFor some time I haven't updated you, my dear reader with what happens now. So, it's spring finally here in Latvia as well! Sun is shining and weather get's better day by day.  Just before these warm and nice days I signed up for a pincushion swap hosted by Bea. Yes, I have took a part of this kind of swap earlier (this is my current pincushion). Different from previous swap - this lasts for 3 months. Each month we are supposed to send a pincushion for other person. So here you go my April swap.
I received lovely purple pincushion from Laila (Norway). She sent me a local chocolate but it couldn't wait for taking photos so I ate it  :) Pincushion is small, but I love it. Probably because of colors and perfect embroidery. Laila, if you read this, Thank you SO MUCH! I love it! 
Purple embroidered pincushion

Purple embroidery on pincushion

And here is a picture of pincushion (and some other goodies) I sent to my partner Turid (Norway). She posted some more photos in her blog here.
Yellow cat pincushion

Hopefully I will manage to sew a pincushion to my next partner soon and keep you updated more frequently!  Meanwhile, have a great weekend! 

Baby bump

A few months has already passed since I had a great chance to take a maternity photos of my sister-in-law. Now she is already a mum to a baby boy and I want to share some photos with you!
maternity photo session

Baby bump

maternity photo session by akwiinas

Baby bump photo session by akwiinas

Baby bump photo by akwiinas

Baby bump - maternity photo session by akwiinas

 photo session by akwiinas

cozy maternity photo session by akwiinas

elegant maternity photo session by akwiinas

It's Easter day already!

happy easter by akwiinas

To all of you who celebrate this day, let me wish you - Happy Easter! And for everyone who don't celebrate it - have a great spring day! I hope weather at the place where you are, is much more better than it is here in Latvia - we have +2C (it's 35.6F)!  :)