Feedback about last swaps

This year has bring me some new hobbies. One of them is swaps. I already wrote about pouch swap (here and here) and pin cushion swap (here and here). I didn't wrote it earlier, but I took part in Covert Robin swap as well. Let me share with you what I got and little bit about what I sent.

Pin cushion received!

You already saw pincushion I sent to my partner in Little Pin cushion swap, so today I will show you goodies  received yesterday.
I was wondering why it took so long to arrive, but when I got package in safety bag and custom stamps, so no wonder anymore :)
So, I got a package with wonderful pin cushion! I really can't call it little, because it's pretty big! And colorful! :) I like it very much!

My weekend

Hello guys!
I have been silent last couple of days. The reason of that was my last weekend. I was one of leaders for exchange student group's trip to Estonia's capital city Tallinn. It took a lot of energy. If you have traveled with kids, you should know how I felt - we had 17 big kids with us :)
My weekend started with Tallinn Music week and one of my favorite's music bands concert in bookstore. Prata vetra (or Brainstorm in English) made a great live concert. I am glad I didn't missed it :)