Sewing a envelope clutch

Last week I read an article in see kate sew about sew a long - Kate has prepared a envelope clutch pattern. I was a little bit late with this, but still decided to take a part of this because I planned to visit one 8 years young lady in my family and haven't got any gift yet. Click here to see how it went... 

 So I went to the local fabric store and found three wonderful lining fabrics, and decided to mix one of them with a fabric I already had at home. 

As clutch is made for a little girl, I had to manage how to handle it. I got a rope in matching color and  wonderful red buttons. I would take one, but those were last ones and I couldn't split them :) 

 So fabrics for a clutch are pretty girlish - a red fabric with blooming cherries outside and a pink fabric with hearts, flowers and glitters inside.

While I don't have sewing skills enough to buy a modern sewing machine, I enjoy a mechanic sewing machine from my boyfriends grandmum. Yes, a button hole I sewn by hand. It was such a pain...

And here it is! I am very proud to finish it, but unfortunately, I messed up some part and this clutch is slightly crooked. Probably it's because of not precise fabric cut... I will make another one to improve my skills :)

When clutch is filled with pencils and notebook in flower cover, it looks wonderful, isn't it?

Thank you Kate very much for this pattern and idea! :)


  1. Genial, for me, your clunch is the number one-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much! :) I have never learned to sew, I even need to borrow that antique sewing machine... I appreciate it so much! :)
      Thank you Charo! You have so great tutorial for sewing a hat! I don't speak Spanish, but it looks so easy! :)

  2. Awesome! So glad you posted this!

  3. Super !! I too participated in the clutch along and made a brocade cluthch.. If you get time visit my blog:)

  4. Thanks for posting your beautiful little creation! That antique machine is awesome, and I'll bet it makes the process more fun and authentic maybe? Anyways, I have to say out of all the clutches posted on Kate's blog, yours was my favorite. I love the floral pattern and the strap makes it more of an everyday bag. Also, I actually like imperfections because then the item truly has a handmade feel. :)

    1. Thank you for nice words! :)
      I think sewing with this sewing machine is like riding with 50 years old car - not fast, but with style :)