Photo a day in January-4

Dear friends, This week I will offer you some really strange photos, in case you have weak nerves, please, be careful. For all others - Let's go!

January 20th - Music
Friend of mine from Tallinn, Estonia sent me a package with a CD of Estonian music. I was listening to it so many times like I hadn't hear a music for a long time..

January 21st - Warm
It was so cold outside that I had to pack myself like a little doll. At least it was warm after this dressing! :)

January 22nd - Decorating
My boyfriend told me that he would like to curve some stamps. On one evening I made a lot of drawings and he curved them out. Now I have a lot of new hand curved stamps and I can start to decorate different things. Like letters (I will write soon about my new "hobby", stay tuned!)

 January 23rd - Cooking
What could be better than cooking at home? Mmm....

 January 24th - Family
This is part of my family. I love my brother so much! And since we have "little brother" - our dog, my family is bigger now!

 January 25th - Old
This is photo of the greatest mailbox I have seen lately! I was walking around when suddenly I saw it - old building with new mailbox which was personalized in such a colorful way! Great job, don't you think so?

January 26th - Bow [bow-tie]
I little bit manipulated with title of this photo, but the idea is the same. Here are some of my bowties, which I will list soon (I hope it really happens soon...)

 Last week was interesting and full of different bigger and smaller things. That's why I didn't had time to prepare high quality photos like I usually do. Sorry for that! This week gonna be busy as well - today I have to shoot a big concert in National Opera house (I am very nervous about that) and at the end of week I have ball I have to attend, so I won't be bored at all. Oh, yes. To make it all more fun for me - I am ill. How cool is that?
Ok, take care and see you soon!

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