Sweet pouch from Pouch swap

Lately has happen so much, I even don't know where to start...
So - Last week I received such a wonderful package, which was a pouch from SarcasticQuilter filled with sweets. Some of you already saw a picture in my Instagram, what I got, but here goes for everyone - a post about what I received from my Sweet pouch swap partner!

This is such a great and big pouch in light purple color with an amazing quilt! You can see in photo below how accurate a zip is sewn and part of quilt. I even can't imagine how long time took all this work! Anyway it is inspiring and while I am ill I would like to try a simple version of some quilts. Thanks Becky for a inspiring pouch! :) 

Becky filled the pouch with tasty sweets and sweets for my sewing projects - three different kinds of cherry fabrics and zip and cherry ribbon (Becky added in note that I should use them to make a pouch. Challenge accepted! )

What would be a Sweet pouch swap if not a lot of sweets! This time I would say that I got one of the most strangest sweets I have ever tasted. Hot Tamales are chewy candies which at first tastes like a regular cinnamon candies, but after a moment you realize how hot [not sure it's the right word, but close enough] they are!  

Becky included postcards for my postcard collection and a foot sack for my little brother. Foot sack reminded me my college years when it was top trend in school breaks. Rudolph says big thanks to Becky ;) 

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Dandelion pouch

My last sewing project till this is a pouch for Sweet Pouch swap hosted by Alyce from blossomheartquilt. Now is time to share what I made as my partner Becky from sarcasticquilter has received it and I can't spoil anymore. So - what was it?