Photo a day in January-1

I am sorry. Last month I was busy and lazy. So I missed the whole Photo a day. For the whole month. Uh, that probably means I will never be a good blogger. For mistakes like this a real blogger loses a lot of followers, someone probably says.
But as this is my blog about what I think and I feel, I decided to keep challenging myself skipping one month. My December Photo A Day topics will be active for the whole January so stay tuned!

January 1st - Upside Down
First day of the year is not the best day for running marathon, so all my sporty activities were playing with light and shades wearing my sporty-cozy socks

January 2nd - White
Unbelievable but we still don't have snow. I am still confused about this. The only thing what can warm me up at this time is tea (from white cups or at least saucer...)

January 3rd - Star
Here in Latvia we have changed our official currency since the 1st of January 2014 from Lats to Euros. Our Euro coins are really beautiful and on them is picture of Milda - a beautiful Latvian girl which was featured on our first national coins almost 100 years ago. Milda shines on new euros like a star!

January 4th - Detail
Still one of my favorite models lately is this little beagle puppy called Joko[Yoko] (I think we should it Crocodile because of his hobby to bite). Yoko has so many details I love to take photos of. Can't wait for springtime with better lightning.

January 5th - Sharp
My family loves to take a rides to huge forest not far away. It is old military territory where are all kinds of nature - there are fields like in a desert, there are beautiful coniferous forests and real swamps as well. And between that all -  a lot of animals and birds (this time we saw 3 elks, hoopoe and place where just before we came wild boar were). While my brother took Yoko to a walk, I enjoyed untypical winter and made some nature photos. Here you can see a sharp branch :) 

Have a great week and take a lot of photos - of what you do, where you are or what you see. These are snapshots of your life!
See you soon with another stack of photos!

Use hashtag #akwiinas to tag your photos within this challenge or just link in comment section your Instagram profile or photo post, I can t wait to see!

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