Photo a day in January-2

 Another week has passed and now it's the right moment to take a look back what has happened within these days. In short - last week I had a lot of things to do and nothing to do. I have no idea what I did at evenings in workdays (except watching movies - Django and Star wars and so on). At least in the weekend I had a great time for the first time painting ceilings (3.5m high!)  at my friends from Etsy new shop and after that - meeting my good old friends and celebrating 1/4 of century age for one of them. Before this new week brings something new, let's see how the last one looked like in photos!

January 6th - Light
Monday, 6th of January, still no news from Snow.City is dark and Christmas lights looks funny without snow.

January 7th - Big and small
My arm used to be much more bigger than my little brother's arm. Now lately he has grown up (and that happens so fast!) and soon I will be little sister and he gonna be my big brother :) 

January 8th - Natural
Unfortunately somehow I have managed to miss Natural photo this week. I promise to be more accurate in the future...

January 9th - Dot
Dot. One more. And more. A lot of dots. Funny light dots on my way.

January 10th - Reflection
I love those little light reflections in windows at night. And look - there are red dots from neighbor skyscraper! 

January 11th - Shiny
Saturday night at my friends place to celebrate her 25th birthday. I love this picture, my friend is so shiny, smiley and good looking!

January 12th - Green
My dear friend, who is ready to take a long long walks even if it is freezing cold. And his green parka,  which reminds me of the start of our friendship :) 

My dear friends, enjoy your week and see you next Monday (I hope I will be able to tell you something interesting this week, but let's see)!


  1. Great pictures! No snow in sight here as well, funny and weird at the same time :) Looking forward to your next batch of photos!

    1. Elisse, you won't believe - this morning snow was here! :D As sun is shinning now, I am wondering for how long time those 2cm of snow will last :)