We heart mail: Part 5

Snail mail from We ♥ Mail
Haven't shared any nice letter for a while, so let's start a new week with something wonderful! Like this colorful letter I received from my We♥Mail partner Catherine from France!
This little package included everything needed to make me smile so take a look what was inside!

Snail mail from We ♥ Mail
Cosmos seeds will bring you to the moon and back or ...  will bring some really nice flowers to your garden! 

Snail mail from We ♥ Mail
French stamps for my philatelist's heart - very big and very beautiful stamps! Love them!

Snail mail from We ♥ Mail
Two cute crocheted brooches. As I have grey wool coat, I know that these flowers will be attached on it to.

Snail mail from We ♥ Mail
Catherine wrote her letter on postcards - colorful multiview card, poster type art postcard and wonderful (looks and feels like vintage?) black and white postcard with castle in the fog. Roses in background are on handmade envelope.

Snail mail from We ♥ Mail
And last but not least with flower theme - flowers which I can iron on fabric!
Sometimes snail mails turns into little package with a lot of very cute and nice things,but not always I am sure how to use them or where to put in my extremly small apartment. So let me tell you that this letter was briliant because nothing was spare - I love postcards and stamps and they are on their way to my collection (read about it more HERE) and seeds I will use for sure, just like iron-on and brooch flowers.
Thank you Catherine very much! I love your package!  :)

To all my readers I wish to write at least one letter to some friend or just random person and make it so good that it will really bring a lot of happiness to others (and yourself)!
Have a great week!

Hand felted brooch from ZumZum

A few weeks ago I shared on my Facebook page great news about giveaway from where I won a great brooch!
I felt like I should show you it, because I didn't get just a handmade brooch - I got a wonderful package, one of those kinds where you are smiling while opening it.

I really like how Diana - girl behind the  - created a beautiful pebble look brooch from wool and embroidered it with little seed beads. And more -  paper where she attached brooch was not a regular cardboard, that paper is her handmade paper, where you can try to find some grass or flowers.
Ps. ZumZum is on Etsy too (link)

Package of brooch

Handmade by Zumum

Brooch made by ZumZum

Bears and rabbits made by ZumZum /photo credit - ZumZum

And finally - Diana from ZumZum with her felted dolls
 (you can find them in her Etsy shop)
 /photo credit - ZumZum