One of goals of 2013

In 2013 I have decided to try out a lot of new things. I have wrote about them here: My 2013 And now I would like to give a little feedback about one of these goals.
So in the beginning of this year I decided to learn something about embroidery. I remember sewing classes in  elementary school but since that I have forgot like everything of that...
When I saw announcement that Sweet Little Pretties hosts a new swap - Little Embroidery Swap, I was in in the same moment! :) My partner, Liz has blog here and I stalked her a little bit so I found inspiration to make her hand embroidery cotton tote with an owl.
The hardest part of this swap was "learning". I wanted to embroider something nice so I searched for a lot of How to tutorials. Pinterest as always gave me a huge amount of ideas - the most easiest and good looking ones I added to my board: Embroidery 
And then my job started....

I am wondering about just one thing - how to hide all those ugly thread ends? I now know that the more I would practice embroidery, the better the right side would be.  But what to do with left side? Can you share your secrets for this?

Take a look at embroidered tote I made for Liz here:



  1. I absolutely LOVE my owl tote! I actually am using it to tote around my current embroidery project and I have a smaller bag that I keep my hoops/threads/needles in that fits perfectly inside my owl tote.
    For my loose threads on the inside, I often put a lining in if I'm making a zipper pouch or something. Today I made a baby blanket and did the embroidery on a patch, then sewed it onto the blanket panel.

    1. Thank you very much for note :) It's really so sweet to know that even if not perfect, but still - you like it :)
      I think for zipper pouch or some other bags it would be easy to hide all threads behind lining, but this case I should sew a piece of fabric inside...
      Thank you anyway, it was pleasure to make something for you :)