Photo review of Marius Neset concert

Little bit more than a week ago I had a great opportunity to shoot at Marius Neset concert at Saxophonia festival in Riga, Latvia. I enjoyed this concert more than usually I do when taking photos, so I decided to show you something I took!

If you are not familiar yet with Marius and his friends Anton Eger, Heine Bugge and Latvian Radio Big Band I warmly recommend to find some of their songs on Youtube!

Thank you very much for checking all photos,
Hope to share more photo sessions in near future!
Recently I hosted Sweet Swap where a lot of wonderful sweets traveled across the world right in time to arrive at Valentines day. Unfortunately I was too busy to take a part of it by myself, but luckily, I just got a place in Mug O'Comfort Swap hosted by Chaotic Goddess Swaps. You may remember Guest post by Beth here, it was part of another CG swap. Have you ever took a part of any swap hosted by Chaotic Goddess?

If you are looking for someone to swap some letter and little goodies, feel free to let me know! I am looking for new swap partners!

Easy Valentine's decor idea

Today is a wonderful day! And not only because I have vacation  :) 
Valentines day is just right behind the corner and today I put out a decoration of something lovely for myself and my boyfriend. Yes, candies!

 Even if you are living alone or with a cat, there is no reason, why you shouldn't cheer yourself up with something tasty!

 This time I used little hard boiled candies with hearts, but if you prefer black chocolate or marshmallows - go ahead and stock with them some glass jars! If you have big red wine glasses, instead or drink, fill them with red candies. 

Do you have any candies you usually use for Valentine's day decors?

Let's buy a sewing machine!

Those who are reading my blog for a  longer time may remember that I was sewing this and that two years ago. Last year I put all my attention to other hobbies, but desire to sew is not vanished.

My currant sewing machine

As we all need some motivation time after time to do something new, I have made a decision! As soon as one more tie from my Etsy shop will go to a new home, I will buy a new sewing machine!
Earlier I have had some custom made sets with bow ties, but as soon as I get my new machine, I plan to increase offer in the shop with some brand new items! Sounds like a plan!
Now I have made this public speech, so I have no other option as fulfill it!  :)

Have a great week everyone!