Photo a day in January-3

So it's here. Already 3rd week in this year and as [always] my week's photo review is ready for you! I won't talk too much, but I really would like if you take a look at my photos and any comment is welcome! :) Enjoy your winter/summer wherever you are now!
January 13th - Paper 
My morning breakfast - newspaper with tea and something to eat. Takes me almost an hour each morning but totally worth it!

January 14th - Toy
This is Mr.π [Pi]. He is my first gift from my boyfriend on our first Christmas. Since that he has been with me in each trip I have had. Mr.Pi's travel experience is quite big - Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia.

January 15th - Sweet
One of my favorite sweets I call Poo. Actually, it's really tasty - meringue cookies with chocolate crisps and almond in the middle.

January 16th - Hug
That's me and my boyfriend.

January 17th - Texture
Till late night I was scanning my postcard collection and decided to scan texture of my-my boyfriend's cardigan. He was surprised when realized that suddenly I have finished to scan postcards and I scan his cardigan :D

January 18th - Motley
We were cooking cupcakes. I don't care if that is old fashion, it still tastes good and my family tasted them!

January 19th - Shopping
So I was shopping. Guess what stole my attention?

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