New year - new hobbies!

Sorry for getting lost for such a long time, but I am here, writing a lot of letters, sending out postcards and trying to enjoy "winterspring" after long, long work hours.
As title states, I have started this year with new hobby - letter writing. To make it more productive, I signed up for a year-long letter writting project called We heart mail! We are 13 different ladies all around world and we all are conected with one hobby - snail mail. At our blog We ♥ mail here you can find links to all participant blogs, to our flickr page,  and Facebook page. Feel free to check out all these profiles and follow them to not miss a great letter!
So I have already made two letters - January's letter went to Kim in Netherlands and February's went to Sara in UK.
I know that both of my partners has got their letters, so here are some photos what I sent out!

 First theme of our project  for January's month was New Year resolutions. I made some post-it notes with inspirational and motivational quotes (everyone knows that we need these to keep going with our resolutions).

I included black tea (to stay focused when we would like to take a rest).

With the first letter we all were little bit late and so February were not far away, so in letter were some heart shaped confetti. Just for fun.

I am newbie in snail mail projects,but I knew that envelope has to be nice too! Unexpected I saw this pretty in local bookshop and I was sure I must get it! And look at eyes of this wonderful cat, isn't it the most wonderful pocket calendar you have seen today? :)

To help Kim to write and draw nice letters, I included a colorful pencil with my letter. I hope that will inspire here for great We Heart Mail project!

My letter, little goodies and big origami crane - all I sent to Kim.

Here are some photos made by Kim of her letter in our blog.

To Sara I sent February letter in red circus/carnival color scheme. Since this letter is not yet published in project's blog (ok, and because somehow I have missed to take my own photos...), here you go 2 speak peak photos - last shots of package before it's left at post office!

This morning I took some photos of January's mail I got yesterday, so this week I will show you them too! Stay tuned, don't leave me! :)

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