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This year has bring me some new hobbies. One of them is swaps. I already wrote about pouch swap (here and here) and pin cushion swap (here and here). I didn't wrote it earlier, but I took part in Covert Robin swap as well. Let me share with you what I got and little bit about what I sent.
At Easter time was deadline for Covert Robin gift sending. My partner was Lucy and from her blog I understood that she is really good at sewing :)
This time it was really hard to decide what to send...
At the end I made a box with different goodies (one of rules was Handmade, but I was just a little bit cheating...). I sent Lucy my handpicked mint tea from my garden and I sew her an eye mask with mint tea filling. I have got  this kind of eye mask a while ago and I enjoyed it so much! Hope that Lucy will as well. After pin cushion swap I had some ideas which I had no time to realize earlier, so I made a pin cushion ring for her. What would be this fancy pincushion without funny pins? So I created some of them as well :)
This was package I really tried to put together while thinking about person, who will open it. So I am so happy Lucy liked it :) She wrote bigger post about my package herefeel free to check out more photos!

Photo by Lucy from
At the same time I received wonderful gift from Amy "form*work" - colorful bag using this tote pattern. Amy at her blog post writes that is perfect size for everyday bag, I would like to say that it is perfect for small shopping. If you need only bread and milk, it will be the best bag, I tried already and I love it :) I am so happy I got this gift, because it is useful, I am sure I will use it because I like to take my tote bags to shop to pack my stuff. And I just love bags :)

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