There was a day....

There was a day when I signed for my first swap. Then was second and third swap. Now I have sweets from USA (read about that here) and deadline for sending out another gift. Last Friday was last day to ship out Little Pin cushions for swap hosted by Sweet Little Things.  So let me share what I have done...
This time I really wanted to make some special pin cushion. I have no idea how to make those amazing quilts, so I had to find something else. Pinterest was my friend again and there I found idea which was worth trying!

I started with making my own template (digitalized it to share with you). I used flipped upside down cup to make a circle. A little piece of imagination and I had drawn body, wings and head for ladybug. 

Next step - choosing the right fabrics for this project. This is where I made a mistake... I took too thick fabric so that it was hard to sew it and pin in needles.

Step by step - cutting and stitching together all parts.

This was my first attempt to create a ladybug pin cushion. It was not the best one, because of my fabric choice and I made too close seam and so - I found holes in it.
Second attempt was better one! This time I took thin fabric I had in stock from pouch swap and vintage recycled fabric in neutral colors.

Here is result of my pin cushion:

I added to package some needles which I painted in color which glows in dark, so that it is always easy to find these little trifle. I added some red glitters to some needles to make it more feminine. It is always nice to work with nice tools, I think :)

My pin cushion was filled with buckwheat and that made it heavy. I made a package and planned to fill it with Latvian candies as much as possible to fit in weight limit. At post office I got to know, that there is place only for 2 candies :(  I hope that at least these two candies will survive till USA :) 


  1. Oh my goodness, that is the cutest little pincushion! What a good idea!

  2. Very Cute! You a very thoughtful swap partner!

  3. What an adorable ladybug! I wonder if it's coming my way? :)

  4. Totally gorgeous Zane! You've done a great job :)