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When I started my Etsy shop in 2010, I had no idea that this site will become something more than just a marketplace for my silk ties. Since that I have learned a lot not only by reading blogs and tutorials, but by talking to and meeting other Etsy people as well. Begining is not easy and that's why now I try to help others too. Melissa from invited me to share some tips for new sellers and I did. Full entry in Melissa's blog:

How to Make Your First 6 Months on Etsy: Real Tips from Sellers for Successfully Selling

Featured Seller: Zane Sproge from Akwiinas in Riga, Latvia shares the inspiration behind her bold, bright and colorful silk ties as well as her most important Etsy tips for new sellers just starting out. 
Handpainted by Zane
Can you tell me a little about your style for your shop and from where do you take your inspiration from? 
My shop called akwiinas, don’t have one specific style, but all my items are connected with formal outfit style – I am creating fresh and artistic silk neck ties and bowties. Each tie is different not only by design (hand-painting silk does not allow making identical items, but every tie is different). Some ties are suitable for everyday wearing with suit, but some are more for events, like ball, party or even – weddings.  All my ties are different just like my customers who buy them.I live in a small country and my inspiration usually comes from nature – while I am away from routine, my minds clears and a lot of new ideas arise! Sometimes I make sketches in my planner while going back to city just because getting off the usual way makes me see the usual things in a different light. 
Which are your favourite materials/metals to work with?
In my Etsy shop there are only silk bow ties and neck ties, that’s the basic material I work with. From paints I prefer Marabu silk paints because of their bright colors and till now, I have always been satisfied with results. 
What are your top tips for sellers on Etsy? Specifically, What advice would you give to new sellers on Etsy?
I started my Etsy shop just for interest- what is Etsy. I had made a lot of ties as gifts for my family members and then I created one just for fun. I liked result, but I had no one to give it to. So I found Etsy and listed my first tie. Shortly after that, I forgot about Etsy and remember it only when received email from Etsy and Paypal about purchase. So I got my first sale without any promoting, with poor English and without tags 3 months after shop opening.  So I really suggest you tomake a great product! Make something that doesn’t look like the same that 5 other Etsy shops sell. Spend so much time with each item till it looks like you would like to purchase it yourself! It will be easier and harder at the same time to be found and to compete with others, if you choose to make something unique.Next advice is more for those who has just started to create and wants to sell handcrafts. Practice, make a lot of items and practice again.  Creating a lot of items doesn’t mean you should spend less time to each of them just to make more. It’s not about quantity. It’s about quality. The more you will create, the more you will practice. The more you will practice, the better the results will be. My first necktie was not at all as great as my last neck ties. Now I know much more about technique, about paints and silk. I have my tricks already. The last advice actually is very simple – Love what you do. If you will love your items, you won’t price them too low, it will be easier for you to value your work. You will know how to describe each of your handmade or vintage items just because you love it and you could tell a story about each piece in your shop. You will find way to spend a lot of hours in Etsy just reading tools and other tips. You will package each of your sold items just like a gift. Because you love your shop, your items and this is not some kind of job you are doing just to earn some money, but you are doing it because it is in your heart!

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