Sweet pouch arrived!

Good news! After a long waiting, my sweet pouch arrived yesterday! I knew that it should be here, in Latvia at this weekend, because my partner Erin contacted me earlier so I tried to be calm all this time. Since  a moment when I got my huge package at the post office, I couldn't stay calm anymore! :) Here is a photo-story what I got!

Before opening I took some a still life photos...

Only when I decided to open my package, I saw that it is damaged in its way. I opened envelope and this is what I saw...

Oh, sorry, it's just a wrong layer! :) So now I know that Cushion envelopes has two layers and recycled paper(?) between them. Ok, let's search for exit from this mess what start to fly around my room...

Hey, I see something! It's a pouch! It's there! 

 Yes, indeed, it's my new pouch, which looks so good!

Wait, why envelope is still so heavy? So my little brother came to help me...
Oh, there are some more great things! :)

And here are all treasure I got!  

No words, how much I like my pouch! I probably would never thought to put this purple fabric (in application I wrote how much I love purple and cherries) together with this emerald zip, but don't you agree - it looks fabulous! I love it!

Not too sweet thing - 72% dark chocolate! Mmm  :) But tasty enough!

And something very nice - a lot of different fabrics! A little note - when I saw in Pinterest and Flickr groups pouches made by other people, I got that here in Latvia we have very poor choice of fabrics! Thank you Erin for these! I already know that one of them will become a dress for a doll I want to sew for my friend's newborn girl :)

Ok, let's return to a pouch... There is something inside! Let's open!

Wait, what's that?!

Oh, that's fox and raccoon! At this moment I called to my friend and told him in our mother language - I got pouch and inside is a little animal - raccoon in English, how that's in Latvian? He answered - I know that animal, but I have no idea how it's in Latvian :D

So here are all those sweet and beautiful things I got in this swap. 

After first email my partner sent me I saw in her blog that she is one of raccoon lovers ("Raccoon is the new black"). Now I have one so lovely raccoon and raccoon lady or fox :)
By the way, Erin sent me three little hearts. I got an idea to make them as a one brooch, so that I could wear her work with my coat. Come back later to see if I have done it! ;)

While I am so happy about raccoons, my helper wonders how to open M&M box. After a few minutes we used a knife and it was open in a sec!

Later at evening I found out I can open a lovely postcard and there is a letter from Erin. She wrote me about fabrics she used to make a pouch and which she attached to package. Unfortunately, I have never heard about the most of them, but now I know that I have pouch made from Joel Dewberry fabric (I searched it - that is Blockprint Blossom fabric, Amethyst color from Heirloom collection)! And zip is in the same color  and even the same shade as my nail polish :)

A pouch is made very professional,all stitches are perfect, a zip sewn in perfect... I would like to say a huge thank you to Erin and I welcome you to check her blog Just Plain Lovely and Pinterest boards here Huge thanks to Ros who organized this swap, without you I wouldn't know and see so much interesting people! Now I have a huge motivation to learn sew more and more.
Thank you! 

Greetings from happy raccoon and fox! :)


  1. Zane, I LOVED reading this post and your excitement is infectious:). I'm so thrilled that everything arrived safely and that you like it all:). I'm looking forward to being in touch and following along with all of the things you make! Hope you have a wonderful day today!! xoxo Erin

    1. Erin, Thank you again! And Thanks to Ros, that you were my partner :)
      I would like to keep in touch as well! :)