Pouch swap

 I have signed to some very interesting project for first time - Sweet pouch swap! I heard about this kind of swaps for first time but I had no doubt that I'm in! A few days ago I received email from swap's host with my partners details so I spent wonderful weekend sewing and preparing sweets. Actually, this weekend was pretty full because on Friday I started to sew pouch, then I went to meet my friends and after a great bowling and billiard games I came back to home to sew pouch till 3:30 AM. How crazy it sounds? :)
Next morning I woke up early and saw flowers I haven't seen since I was a little kid - ice flowers!
Here are some sneaky peaky photos are here:

For sewing I use very old mechanic sewing machine - it belongs to my boyfriends grand-mum.

Sometimes I am wondering how beautiful are both old sewing machines I usually use 

In late evenings my friend makes tea for me in cozy cups. On this one  are a lot of kitties and written - "You're one in a million"  :)

I have sewn just a few times. I applied as beginner, but acctually I am pre-beginner. Sorry for not letting you know,  Ros...

SOMEONE will receive pouch made from these two wonderful fabrics!

And here are ice-flowers on window. I love them so much! Since I haven't seen those for years, I felt excited like a little kid :)

SOMEONE will receive some of these snacks from Latvia! Let's see how much tasty and sweet things Latvia's post will allow to send..
Thanks to Ros for organizing this swap. I hope that my pouch receiver will glad about my work. This was the very first pouch I made :)
More photos with pouch I will post after a while - when my swap's partner will receive it's package.

By the way - after I sewed pouch I felt that I have earned  something tasty. So I prepared lunch. This is my favorite meal - pasta with meat, sweet and sour sauce, soy souce and fresh herbs. Look, how delicious it looks! :)


  1. Very cute little pouch! I am sure someone will enjoy those sweets!

    1. Thank you Carla! I hope so! :) Everyone loves sweets so if my partner won't like my pouch, hope she will like sweets at least :D

  2. Great Job on your very first handmade pouch!! It looks lovely. I have also joined the swap - it is my first time to participate in a swap also. I know this will be so fun!! Cinda

    1. Thanks Cinda!
      Is your pouch already done? I can't wait to see all pouches from this swap! :)
      This is so great experience for me :)

  3. That's a lovely little pouch! I am in the swap, too, and just saw Ros post your preview. I can't wait to see all the different ones (and to receive mine, from where ever it is coming from)!

  4. Your pouch looks cute :) I think it's wonderful that you sew using an antique machine! I'd love to try a project on an old machine one day... they just look beautiful.
    I'm hoping to make a start on my pouch this weekend!

  5. Your pouch looks wonderful..I"ve joined the swap also and enjoy so much meeting everyone. Thank you for sharing. Your pictures are wonderful also.

  6. Very pretty pouch you have made there, great job! I haven't even put a stitch in mine yet but I have chosen fabrics:) lovely machine you get to work on also!

  7. Very nice. And I love your frost pictures and your sewing machine..

  8. So lovely to read the above story. Lucky partner to have this gift from Latvia. Shame I was too late for the swap!