5 questions to Baiba

I am not used to featured posts, but I really want to share with you my discovery - Baiba and her Etsy shop BabitoKids.
I met Baiba via Etsy School and I was so happy to see all those colorful and cheerful kid hats she sew! I decided to ask her some questions and share them with you.
psss.. Can you spot her hat models from shop in her photo with her kids?

- How did you start to sew? Do you like any other crafts too?
Actually I sew already from school times. My father was sewing clothes for me when I was a kid and later obviousy I start to sew what I like by myself. My memories are - I open suitcase with old fashion, but in the same time stylish fabric pieces from my grandmother and start to sew dresses, skirts and other garment pieces. My school graduation dress also was handmade by me.
About other crafts, I have second Etsy shop - PetalGirly :))) I also like to knit, but it takes too much time to knit something.

How did you went to newborn and kid hat sewing?
I have 3 kids and I love jersey fabric to sew for them. I started with hats, for my little ones and that's how become the shop. They love to try them on and they wear my hats in everyday!

- What inspires you most?
Fabric, colors, fashion and good reviews about by crafts in local markets and Etsy.

- What are 3 things you can't live without?
Kisses for goodnight from my kids and husband, coffee in the morning and hobbies (craft, sport and trips).

- If you could meet one person, dead or live, who would you like to meet?
I would like to meet my friends more often, than I do!

In Baibas shop BabitoKids you can find slouch beanies, pilot hats, balaclava and different kind of hats for kids from new born to already bigger ones. 

Thanks Baiba for this mini interview!
All photos are made by Baiba

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