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Last week one of those things I want to share with you happened ! I moved in with my boyfriend in a lovely studio apartment. While we haven't made it as good as we want, I will show you some details I love about my new home!

We have a furnace - how lovely it is to see and hear a live flame! 

I am a big fan of these cotton string lights and I put them on shelf so that is the first thing to see when coming in.

Spring is coming with huge steps everyday. Last weekend we were shopping and store closed just at the right time to let us see this wonderful sunset! Such wonderful colors!

In the previous apartment we had all windows to North, now I am enjoying windows to the East side. Every morning I can see the Sun and I have much better lightening for photos :) 

On Saturday I got a lot of tulips because of Women's day. Look how interesting those yellow tulips are - burgeons at first, filled blossom later! And that flavor....

With this moving in and out I have really lost a sense of time, so my review of received postcards is missing,but no worries - soon I will show you what goodies I have gotten and then - post about We ♥ Mail swap again will be here! :)
I hope you have a good spring, just like me!
See you soon!

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