We ♥ Mail - February letter

Yesterday I already wrote about postcards I got last week, now it's turn to show you a letter I received from We ♥ Mail project!

Last weekend I got a package with UK stamp, it was sent by  Liliana. However, I was sure - my partner this month is from Portugal and will send me a piece of sun. She sent me a sunshine but only from West Yorkshire! Anyway it was nice enough to make me smile!
A beautiful envelope with a huge Royal Mail stamp(?)

So these are goodies from a package - flowers, stickers and love

Glittery  heart stickers for my lovely projects

Cute tapes with two kind of gingerbread hearts

Stickers, stickers, stickers and three more stickers!

Letter from Liliana with some cute drawings
Thank you Liliana for such a wonderful letter and all these little things I will use for other letters for sure! Have a great week! :)

I was very happy to get this letter as it helps me realize - there are so many creative and crafty young and young at heart people around the world! I wish everyone to join some a year long snail mail project - it is worth it!


  1. Lovely to see your mail, makes me think i should put more effort in writing :D I'm already happy if i wrote everyone back, slowly getting there!

    1. That's the reason why I joined this challenge - normally I am slowly for replying as well. But now I have to stop doing something and just start to write. When it's started, it's easy to put a lot of effort on this :)