One year more

Yesterday was my birthday. I am not used to celebrate it but I had a great time with my friends and family. This evening inspired me to create one more list : 10 things to do before my next birthday! Take a look at them and feel free to share your tips to my new goals ;)

I could make a huge list of 100 things to do, but I will have no energy to even start such a big deal. Plus, I have made my yearly craft To make list and as we all know - time flies so fasts... Let's stick with 10 things :)
10 things to do before my next birthday:
  • Read a book - Reading used to be my biggest passion and truly loved hobby. Now I don't have time to read a book. I have big book shelf and more than half of it I haven't read yet. Last moment  to fix it! I won't stick with count of books, as the more, the better. 
  • Travel alone - I love to travel, but I have never went anywhere alone, even not to neighbor country. It doesn't have to be a long trip, but I want to go somewhere and know that everything is up to me and only.
  • Move to my own apartment - in my age I should live on my own or at least together with my boyfriend. I am looking for place where to live for a while, but to find something, probably I need to put more effort on it.
  • Learn how to "Take it easy" - I am that kind of person, who rarely can take everything easy, because there out are so much of things to worry about! My best friend time after time reminds me that I shouldn't be so serious all the time. I really hope to learn this!
  • Take care of health - nowadays almost no one is absolutely healthy but I really should do something about this! The more I will care about my health the less I will need to visit doctors! 
  • Start practicing yoga - for years yoga has been somewhere in my wish list. I really hope that I just need to start doing this and then I will find time for regular activities! Why not yoga?
  • Start running - I have ran in two marathon's 5km distance. Both time it was really hard and for a long time. I have strongly decided that next year I will take part of it again, but hopefully - with better results. I should start training now to be sure that I will be ready for 5km next May!
  •  Sew a shirt to myself - Last week while shopping for Fabric swap, I realized that I have sewn only small things, like - pouch, bag and so. I haven't  sewn something I could wear! I want to fix it, because in Pinterest I have seen soooo many wonderful ideas! It is just question of time - when I will find some really inspiring fabric and start sewing!
  • Regular beauty procedures - Nothing much to explain - each women has deserved to look and feel good! Once a month I should find time to visit manicure or pedicure!
  • Always handmade gifts - No more "last minute gift"! I don't like gifts which are bought in shop just to be something... If I want to give a gift to someone, I should spent time and put in this gift some piece of my soul! That is the same kind of gifts I enjoy as well. Why my friends would be different?

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