Fresh spring breeze

I received Etsy Finds - an email about trends. There were a few really great items for Easter which reminded me of my last year's crafts. A while before Easter, when it was still snowy outside, I made an egg-diet. I made an omelet every morning to collect egg-shells. I carefully hit the top of the egg, so that most part of the shell would stay undamaged. After that I washed each shell and putted soil inside. On top of it there was a layer with different seeds. I made some eggs with Easter grass. Some where with basilica, some - parsley and so one. After a while the first sprouts came out. After a few weeks I had herbs on my windowsill in kitchen.
For adding colors to herbs, you can paint shells before planting grass. I used acrylic colors.  You can find a few more ideas in my Pinterest board Spring time
It would be great, if you could share your favorite spring craft before Easter. How do you decorate your home in spring time?

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