Getting ready for spring

At my hometown it's still pretty snowy. Even last night here was a little snowstorm. I miss spring so my mum took some flowers to home when I was still ill. We had a mini-flower-workshop. So nice, that bring a spring to home in the same moment :)
Probably I am getting old, because this winter I am collecting ideas for my own garden. I do not have it, but my parents have one and my boyfriends family have garden with house near to sea, so I have opportunities to plant something.
Off course, I have created Pinterest board about some very nice garden ideas - plants, flowers and outdoor furniture.
You are welcome to see more how I got flower garden on window sill :)

This is ours superbowl of crocus

I love daffodils, now I have one on my sill

You will be updated soon how these beauties are growing indoors!

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