Create a letter!

A while ago I read in Alisa's blog that she uses watercolor pencils. I haven't tried them, but since that - I needed them so much! Finally I saw one set with watercolor pencils and as price was not high, I took them. I got some more things for crafting and after shopping I had fun at home with my 10 y.o. boy. We tested all  - pencils, star shaped paper punch and funny tapes.Look at this colorful result, which is used to be a letter for my dear penfriend. I hope she will receive her letter soon :)
Ps. Paper I colored with pencils I used as a letter paper, but on envelope I put all tapes I got. Plus, inside letter I put stars my boy pouched from yellow paper. I hope this letter will bring a little piece of bright stars to my friend while outside is not too sunny yet :)

How cool is that tape with mustache? I love it! I want to use it when shipping my neckties :)

Have a great day you too! :)

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