TOP 32 Christmas greeting cards

To make it easier to greet your friends and relatives this year, I want to show you some really inspirational greeting cards from all over the World! December has just begun, but I am sure, you have friends as much as I have and you want to greet them all with the sweetest, the most beautiful or just really funny Christmas card!
Here is collection of Top 4 cards for different recipients from Etsy, but my Christmas cards Pinterest board waits you with a lot of creative ideas how to make the best greeting card this year by yourself or where to find a card for the last moment!

1. Santa Gets All The Credit But we all know Mom Really Deserves The Milk and Cookies by Katndrewcards
2. To my deer mum and dad by Helloclacky
3. Mum, Thank you for still buying me an Advent calendar (please never stop) by NaughtyLittleCards
4. Personalized Merry Christmas card by PikakePress
1. Duck holiday card by NickiNickiGallery
2. Set of retro Santa and black cat cards by vpauld
3. Pop-up Christmas card with jingle bells by Yesterdayunknown
4. Set of 6 hand illustrated cards by indieBerries

1. With Love To Grandma by TheVintageGreeting
2. Quilling Christmas tree by SbirOtak
3. Especially for Grandma at Christmas from pinkneonvintage
4. Grandma Gets Run Over By A Reindeer by  DivaGoneDomesticToo

1. Christmas Camper by rachelink
2. Hipster deer with matching temporary tattoo by pepperink
3. Set of 10 Christmas tree cards by BubbyAndBean
4. Decorating Deer by SweetBellaStationery

1. HO-HO-HO Merry Christmas by Mashkamanart
2. Set of 10 personalized stationery cards by letterhappy
3. Pretend you're drunk and tell your co-workers how you really feel by IllKnowItWhenISeeIt
4. Funny Robot Santa by HappyDappyBits

1. Wishing you a very silly Christmas by EyeshootPhotography
2. You were expecting some other bearded guy in a red hat? by ArtyDidact
3. Ho! Ho! Ho! Bitches and Hos! by dewlawdees
4. Son of a Nutcracker!  by UrbanPrey

1. The weather outside... by JThoem
2. Printable "Happy Holidays" card by SamOsborneStore
3. Good things come to those who Bake by stephsayshello
4. Embroidered Christmas tree by KotoDesigns

1. All I want for Christmas is you...naked by JulieAnnArt
2. 'Tis the season by  RowHouse14
3. First base under the Mistletoe is soooo last year. by FunGirlsCards
4. Merry Christmas Sexy by FayeMoorhouse


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my cards! :)

    1. Thanks for creating such a beautiful and interesting card! :)

  2. Wonderful collection of cards, thanks for including my retro Santa cards, I really appreciate it!

    1. Great greeting cards, thanks for selling them! :)

  3. Thank you for including my Robot Holiday Cards in this awesome collection! :)

  4. Oooh, I like christmas cards! I like getting them and sending them!

    1. That is one of the best traditions in Christmas time- to send (and receive) greeting cards, love that! :)