Secret Santa [decor] swap review 2 - what I received

Wow, it's Christmas so soon! This is definitely the last moment to show you the wonderful things I got from my Secret Santa [decor] swap! What I sent out is described  here. It's not a long story, here are the photos:

From Melissa I received some really cute things (what's more - this was her first swap). 
She sent me a dark emerald/green
pearl garland (?), which was transformed into my
Christmas tree 
in the first
evening. As we have so little
space, this is a cute way to
bring a celebration feeling inside!

"Let it snow" I probably should put this sign
somewhere outside as it's not snowing yet :( 

Little handmade gift tags

A cute Christmas bird. I still can't figure out how is it made?

Handmade greeting card (I wish I could
receive gifts that big this year :)  )

Postcards, off course! This is one of the most
important things I hope to receive from anyone! 
A Christmas flower with A LOT OF glitters!
It will be placed on my family's big Christmas tree!

From Olga:
Sorry, I need to make a confession. As I put together pairs in my swap, I managed that my partner is Olga, because I am in so deep love with her lovely sewn animals (I will just recommend you to check out her shop just right away after you have seen what Olga sent me )

As Olga has a great Etsy shop, she knows what Packing means.
Everything is packed safe and sound!

No, these are not pin cushions,
those are cushion and star ornaments!
(That Christmas sock on the left is really in my Christmas tree)

One more thing which makes me think
about snow - a winter's pin button with a bear

Long, long garlands in typical Christmas colors. 

Handmade greeting card and envelope
with such a wonderful owl sticker!

And as an extra gift - vintage postcards! I remember
from my childhood that we used to have a typical form
for postal code on all envelopes and greeting cards,
just like these have! 
Thank you all who took a part of my swap, I hope you all had a great time while preparing gifts and receiving them or at least stepping by and watching what I received! Thank you Melissa and Olga for these packages!
See you soon!
Merry Christmas! 


  1. I love the garland and now I want to make it. Cute stuff.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful photos, Zane! I didnt took photos of what i sent to you :) so now i can always remember it :)