Secret Santa [decor] swap review - what I sent out

While ago I announced my very first hosted swap - Secret Santa [decor] swap. In my Facebook page you can find pictures what participants made/received, but in this blog post I want to show you what I made and sent out!

Since the first moment I got this idea about hosting a swap, I was sure to take a part of  myself. When deadline closed, I paired people and I got a partner from Australia - Lisa from SweetLittlePretties. Little bit after deadline I was contacted by Melissa from themindofexchange and she wanted to take a part as well. I decided to be her partner as well and prepare two packages for this swap. Here are all the goodies I made myself or with help of my boyfriend!

This year I had some kind of craziness with drawing a postcards/greeting cards, so I prepared a brunch for my friends and both swap partners.
Package with handpainted cards for Mellisa
and handmade paper for wonderful letters in future

Handmade recycled sock (made it from old knitted
sweater so it was a real challenge to finish it! ) 
I believe one of the best thing in my country is chocolate - we have historic candy factory Laima (Laima is a Baltic goddess of fate) and I try to send something made in this factory to each swap partner, in each package I send abroad. This time Melissa got some Christmas mini-chocolate, traditional candies and  even a candy garland made of Laima's Christmas edition candies! (as I know how tasty they are this garland wouldn't stay up at my home for too long time :) )
Some sweets from Latvia and sweet tape with circus theme

Christmas chocolate candy garland

Christmas tree decors made of felt and beads
Melissa lives in Belgium and evening there probably are not too lighter than evenings here in Latvia, so to be safe in late evening walks (when Melissa will be able to take a great city-night shots), I made her a reflector which she can add to her bag or coat and drivers will see her earlier (In Latvia everyone needs to wear a one in dark weather- nights and evening to improve our road safety for themselves and others).
Handmade reflector for late night walks

Tassel garland in typical Christmas colors

Paper in size of  a postcard transformed to
a great letter with help of white, gold and silver pens.

I found a box in my stash which was covered with
gold color. I think, it was perfect for Christmas gifts :)

Lisa signed up in Secret Santa [decor] swap and provided her partner with some facts - her favorite color combo is blue + silver for the Christmas time. I replaced silver with light grey or white (take a look at her blog to find hundreds of ideas what to do with it!)and here is what I sent her: 

Pom-pom garland (Thanks to my boyfriend
who made these pompoms :) )
Pop-pom garland packed for safe road

Christmas tree ornament in shape of
Christmas tree - felt embroidered with sparkly flitters

Lisa is a great sewer so I had to
send here something from my fabric stash

Lisas pashion is Washi tapes  so I looked up for
tutorial how to make your own washi tape
and I made one (or at least I tried to make :D)
I used the same fabric I put in package and
I really can't wait to see if it was worth it!

In case if my handmade washi tape is useless,
in package I added some cute tapes for
upcoming Valentine's day letters

Greeting cards/postcards I sent for Lisa.
One is made specially for her - with a lot of tapes on top.

I decorated two Christmas tree balls with country style lace
and wrote on them Merry and Christmas!

A regular post shipping box I decorated with some washi tapes
and a lot of white/silver/gold snowflakes on top of it

Inside of package which left to Australia

Two packages were put together with a lot of my love. I was really glad to get back a messages that both of these girls liked my package :)
Melissa blogged about this swap here. Take a look there and stay in touch with Akwiinas to see wonderful things I received!


  1. WOW- that's a fantastic package! I love all the handmade stuff you made for her...very festive and pretty! Great job. :)

  2. I loved it! serious, when i got yours, i really thought o my god mine sucks, next year i"ll make a bigger and better one!

    1. Melissa, this was your swap, don't worry about that :)
      Plus, Christmas is giving time so I don't mind about your package. Thanks for participation! :)

  3. In Finland we have a shop with Estonian products, they also have Laima sweets and I bought a very big bag of sweets called Saldumu izlase, Ziemas velte. I asked the salesperson: "What's inside?" "Oh, just candy." I came home and emptied the bagon the table and out came a VERY BIG PACKET OF CRACKERS AND I WAS VERY SHOCKED. :D Do Latvian think that crackers are "saldumi"? :D Can you tell Laima that I am very shocked here in Finland? :D

    -Juli from Postcrossing

    1. Hi Juli, Thanks for telling this, I will do my best to tell this to Laima ;)
      If you bought this: you should have had candies as well, not only crackers. Maybe that was some mistake because usually there are at least some candies ;)
      Any way, if you'd send me your address, I could send you some really tasty Laima's candies, if you promise to send me my most favorite candies - Marianne which you can't find here in Latvia! :)