Photo a day - week 4

Weeks passes so fast, one more is gone. Tommorow is my last vacation day so this time my photo a day review is vacation review in the same time.

18/31 - Stripes (Latvia's Birthday and a lot of Latvia's flags)

19/31 - Free (In my mind free is only a bird. Even when it looks impossible, bird can get away and fly... Lika a bird in the sky. This is view of my rooms window, in summer time each morning bird songs are my alarm.)

20/31 - In the row (Lately my favorite game is a board game Catan, I love to play it online or with my friends. In the row this time is village of my friend)

21/31 - Orange (When it is only a month to go to Christmas, on the world is only one orange thing. Guess, which is it?)

22/31 - Thread (Sneaky photo of decor, I prepared to my secret swap partner from my Secret Santa [decor] swap. More photos will come when package will be delivered)

23/31 - Work In Progress (This is my working corner at my boyfriends place, where I edit my photos, paint on silk or sew or do other crafts. On the wall is different photos and postcards and that together with those super wonderful lights makes me feel good always!)

24/31 - Mini (Sorry for bad quality, but I want to show you my happiness - while driving to visit my grandmam, weather got worse and worste until it started to snow! Ok, it was not a real, white snow as it is in middle of winter, it was very wet snow, almost rain, but I saw - it was a mini snow! So now I have winter and already a little bit of Christmas feeling :)  )

Thanks for stopping by in my blog!
Hope to see you here next week when I will show you my last pictures of November Photo a Day!

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