Photo a day - week 3

So finally I have my Monday! Yesterday was Latvia's birthday and the whole last week I celebrated it together with my country. You will see some important events [from my opinion] within the last days. This time each photo with a longer description :)

11/31 - Together (In Latvia on 11th of November we celebrate day of Lacplesis. It is a tradition to go to old part of our capital city and in the bailey (or as close as possible)  put a candle. Each year thousands of locals go there and are together. As you can see - it is a nice tradition to show our kids. In real life it is an impressive view...)

12/31 - Close up (On Tuesday I was volunteering for a very interesting musical project - I was taking a photos of concert of kokle [Latvian traditional music instrument], a percussion and a contrabass. The Concert was really great and I enjoyed working in a radio studio (this concert was broadcast to radio in live))

13/31 - Kids (I took my little brother to Latvia's most famous ice hokey team's game. He had no idea where we were going until we got next to the arena.)

14/31 - Happy (the next day after ice hockey, we decided to unexpectedly visit my boyfriends little sister and take her out for lunch. This little girl was so happy that we visited her! It was so cute to watch how she was looking at her big brother :)  )

15/31 - Sparkle (Ok, I need to confess. Actually, on Friday I didn't take any photo because early in the morning I had surgery (nothing big, only 2 small sutures) in my arm and the rest of the day I just wanted to sleep. But I am so proud of this photo I took on Monday, I wanted to show you it. Can we count it as photo Nr.15? )

16/31 - Fluffy (maybe not too fluffy-fluffy, but still. Found these two while walking around downtown, could't resist to take a photo of them!)

17/31 - Sharp (This tower is Latvia's TV tower. Yes, it reminds of Eiffel tower. But not only. It is even bigger than Paris symbol. Last weekend each evening we had the light festival in Riga and I went to see this tower as it is placed on separated island in the city center and till this I haven't managed to come here to go to the view platform and see a wonderful view over the city.)


  1. Wow, this is a great post and pictures are beautiful. Obviously, you had fun and fulfilled week. Thank you for sharing and I hope your arm will be good as new in notime! :)

    1. Thank you Ursula :) Now I feel already much better.
      And welcome to my blog!