Photo a day- week 2

Oh my, a week has passed away again... Time flies so fast, I can't get done everything I would like to. On Friday I walked out of my job at 4:30 and it was already getting dark! That is the reason why on this challenge I have pictures of night in the city or home made pictures with those warm colors. Anyway, drink a lot of tea, and remember - Christmas are so close already!  :)

4/31 - Friend (my best friend, my lovely friend)

 5/31 - Tea time (last week two days I spent in bed because of cold, and whole this week is one long tea time)

6/31 - Prepare (What could be better than homemade pica with everything you can imagine!)

 7/31 - Mixed (people and cars.)

8/31 - Right now (One short moment from my daily work)

9/31 - Sweet (I went to local fair with my mum and brought these super tasty and sweet apple crisps. One hour later they were gone.)

10/31 - 4 O'clock (Sunday. 4 pm and it's getting dark already)

Take care, see you next week! :)


  1. You took some lovely photos! What is pica? Looks tasty!

    1. Thanks :)
      Pica is in Latvian pizza. In my case, it is pastry base with a lot of vegetables, including tomatoes, corns, peas and more. Including some salami for my boyfriend. At the end it is more like vegetables with pastry not a common pizza :)