Questions and answers

I am just about to send out the last letters with partner info to Secret Santa [decor] swap and and I thought it would be nice to put together all the info and answer to your questions one more time. If you can't find answer to your question, feel free to ask! :)

* What kind of swap this is?
This is Secret Swap, so the person to whom you are sending a package is NOT the same who will send a package to you. Try to keep it a secret, who you are and don't reveal yourself too easy so that your partner has a surprise when receiving the package!
*What should I include in package?
You should send to your partner Christmas decors, decorations - garlands, Christmas tree toppers, stockings, and so on. In my email you will get the info your partner has provided about likes/dislikes, so keep that in mind while letting your creativity flow... This swap is about sending something nice, so put a package like you would like to receive yourself (that means - find a balance between quality and quantity ).
At the end - don't forget to add a note about yourself and your email. I am sure your partner would like to say Thanks to you :)
*Should I take a photo of my swap package?
It would be really great if you could share a photo in your blog or Facebook or just send it to my email, so that other swap participants can see it too! It is not obligatory, but would be really nice! :)
If you use Instagram, add a hashtag #SecretSantaSwap.
*One more time - when is the deadline?
The deadline for sending out your package is 24th of November. You have 4 weeks to make a package and send it out. Try not to be too late as before Christmas packages can get slow and some of us already can't wait to start decorating for Christmas

Have fun while putting together a package and afterwards - receiving yours!


  1. To late to apply, really great idea! :)

    1. I reminded in my FB, sad that I didn't thought about personal reminder..