Mentor month in September

I thought this would be the best moment to tell you what I was busy with last month. This September was filled with different works and jobs because for the first time I took a part in Etsy activity called "Mentor Month". I have a lot of work ahead of me in my shop and it was so great that my teammate Linda from shop retrospectrovintage helped me the whole month to get my shop in order.  Thanks a lot to her! This September I had 2 sales with short time between both, which makes me really happy :)
We were a pretty big group of mentors and mentees and today I would like to show their great items in my social networks, so don't be afraid of the spam which will continue all of Friday :) Let's start with some picks which I like most:
from above, left: 1. Girl Hand Knitted Slouch from SweetMeadowSweet 
2. Grey necklace from ColoursAndThings
3. Grey felted mittens from HandmadeByDorothea
4. Christmas decoration from KuKuHome
5. Fabric rosette necklace from Valerunka
6. Round copper pedant from WindCityTreasures
7. Bolero sweeter from SandrasMagic
8. Knit cowl from WoollyFamily
9. Knitted dress from Gitasknitwear
10. Eiffel tower earrings from sweet4flower
11. Boy felted bow ties from Rozinite
12. Crocheted girls hat from dejuscraft
13. Tarot bag from Karytaga 
  14. Women crochet hat from ievasshopcrochet
15. Cotton handbag from Vivicreative
16. Linen scarf from AriZaDesign

These finds and more you can find here in Etsy or in my Pinterest board Etsy finds
Feel free to check out Etsy team Latvia Pinterest boards as well!

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  1. Wonderful to know that Mentor Month was great experience for you!