Happy Postcrossing Birthday!

Today is kind of little birthday for me! Today I am member of Postcrossing for 4 years! I started to send out postcards just for fun as I enjoyed receiving them from my friend trips earlier. In these 4 years this has turned into a bigger hobby and helped me to set up some new goals.

I really really want to collect a postcard from every country. I have already quite nice collection, but if you are from country I am missing or you have a friend there, please, please, send me a postcard (a regular postcard with touristic view will work perfectly! )! Last weekend I re-made list of received postcards, now you can see it here: Postcard list Those countries I have a postcard from already, are bold and if you click on the name of country, you will see album of all postcards from this country I have received! Please, note that I have added to country list special territories as well, that comes from ISO 3166 standard.
I have received question about my address, so click here to see it!

To celebrate this little milestone, here are postcards I sent out today!


  1. That's cool! I'm on the website too, but I haven't send anything for a long time :(

    1. Oh, I think you would like it. You like snail mail and sometimes this way you can get some really cute postcards and stamps! Even more, if you register in forum (there is separated registration, but profiles are linked), there are a lot of games and trades and swaps possible - from postcards to traveling toys and tea bags. I warmly recommend to you to check it out! :)