Fat quarters fabric swaps results!

Let me show you, what I got in my last received package!
Guess what - who could send me delicious Australian sweets and beautiful fabrics, if not my partner from And sew we craft organised Fabric swap!
Please, meet Emma from Perth! She doesn't have a blog, but she has talent to find wonderful pins (look here: and really beautiful fabric quarters! Here I share what fabrics I received, but soon I will show you what I will sew for the next Sweet Pouch swap!
And postcards and sweets as well!  :)
 In the package there were Cherry Bounty as well. But I received and opened the box in my brother's birthday, so I had to share it with him :)

 I have secret love for postcards with frames. Don't ask me why. I just love postcards and framed postcards!
 Really love this fabric choice by Emma! 

 Just look at this cute Australian themed fabric with a wonderful emu on it! Love it! :)

These two fabrics are from Amy Butler's Gypsy Caravan.  In real life they look so nice! I am fully sure I will use them both for one of my next projects! :)

 Emma included an extra sheet - vintage fabric, which is so soft... Now I just need to find the best project where to use it properly! :)
I am in love with this beauty - fabric from Ty Pennington's Impression! I am sure - one day I will buy a few meters of it!  
I told Emma that my favorite fruits are cherries, so I got this super wonderful quilt! I have never tried to quilt and I think - I won't try it in the closest future, because it seems to be too hard for me! I admire everyone who can make such an interesting and beautiful things! This one is in the size of a medium pot coaster, but I am afraid to ruin it by using it...

And finally - here are fabrics which I sent to Emma.

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