Mug swap review

While ago I already told you I am participating in Mug O'Comfort Swap hosted by CG swaps. Because my partner was from USA, it took us some more time to receive our packages, but luckily both have reached their destinations so it's time to show off!  :)
 My partner was Amanda from His and Her Hobbies. After a few emails we realized how similar we are. I mean - if we didn't live in different sides of world, one would be married to Aussie guy (or at least- married..) . But we have a lot of common so when I received Amanda's package, I could only sigh - a perfect combination it was!

So this is my new mug - in my and Amanda's favorite color

Very interesting tea set with black, green, white and herbal teas

I got a package of Swiss Miss what is really tasty! I am curios for who is this little note on the package. Maybe for kids who are not good at Math but still loves this drink?  :)

One more tea set. Tasty as well - with 6 flavors, including taste of sleeping bears (actually, I am little it afraid to taste it...)

Raisinets or raisins in chocolate are approved! One more common thing with Amanda - we love everything covered with chocolate.

And a cute extra - shopping list for my next tea purchase!

 Amanda, this was a great swap! Thank you very much for these goodies! Hope to keep in touch!

My dear friends, I warmly recommend to step by Amanda's and her husband's blog as there are really interesting stories about differences between USA and Australia about which you maybe even couldn't imagine! And not only that  - I am sure Amanda soon will show what she got from me!


  1. G'day,

    I am glad you loved your package. Amanda and I had fun putting it together. The reason the Swiss Miss says it is four more than the nestle 6 pack is that they both come in similar size boxes and are about the same price. per unit the swiss miss is cheaper and that is what they are trying to say. plus I like swiss miss better so that helps.

    1. Sean, thank you for stepping by and adding comment about Swiss milk! And I really like what you sent me! Here in Latvia probably on package would be just big numbers - 10 pack, and that's it. However on price tags it's obligatory to write price per unit and price per kg or l. So maybe that's the reason why we don't have this kind of packages :)
      By the way, Amanda told me, you recognized Milka sweets. Did you have them in Australia?

  2. Ahahaha! Thanks for the laughs. :D
    I never even noticed the "4 more than the 6 pack" note on that cocoa before. The mug is beautiful, and trust me- the sleeping bears are tastier than you'd think. :)
    I actually have that Raspberry Earl Grey tea at work with me right now!
    She sent a great package, and I'm so glad you two got along well and have so much in common. Thanks for joining us for this swap!

    1. Thanks Beth for pairing us together! As I have mentioned that millions times - I really had fun!
      All teas (except bear's yet) are tested and are good! I paid my attention into all the details of all things I received as these are things we can't get in Europe. :)