Fairy tale themed letter

Snail mail by akwiinasDo you remember those little animal thread holders I shared a while ago? I would like to show you you an entire letter I sent to my friend from We ♥ Mail.

Letter's theme was Fairy tale, so I tried to stick with animals, cute drawings and prints. Below you can see some pictures from process and a short review of letter with my partner's comments is here.

Snail mail by akwiinas
This is elephant. I like it very much. If you do like it too, step by this page, where you can find template for big and little elephant. Print out yours and decorate your house with colorful elephants too!

Snail mail by akwiinas
When I am reading I like to have a beautiful bookmark  around me. That makes reading more special. I hope my partner Hila will have very special feeling when using this metallic bookmark with owl, feather and red stone I made specially for her. 

Snail mail by akwiinas
Lately I enjoy making these little labels so much! I should create some tutorial about them! Isn't it a cute way how to show that package contains handmade goodies - with this kind of stickers?

Snail mail by akwiinas
Like other times, I made paper for letter by making some watercolor painting. I don't like to use those store bought paper supplies, so I make my own...

Snail mail by akwiinas
Since my childhood I have always adored drawing by local artist and children book author - Margarita Staraste. When I started to think about letter I had to write, I realized - I need to make envelope with drawings from some of my favorite books. So I found a very damaged book in local charity shop with only few pages left. I would like to believe this envelope is a good ending for this beautiful book from 1968(!). 

If you are interested in letter swapping, let me know. I always love to send letters to creative people :)
And... a little reminder about my goal for postcard collecting - full list of received postcards is here.

Hope to see you back soon! :)


  1. Aww, this mail is so cute! Great job, Zane :)

    1. Thank you Elisse! Glad to hear that from sail-mail master :)